Beck WOW

He didn't change at all.



The video of "WOW" made me kind of relieved.

His world was still there in this video with so many plain and simple artclafts that i could see and identify them as BECK himself such as "Loser", "Where it's at", "Midnite Vultures" and so on.


i have been lost in a deep forest of "modern and sophistecated Beck" these days...but i finally found my old crazy guitar boy there!

He is alive !!!


Beck - Wow (Lyric Video)


I know he is not me, but something in this video's Beck often embarrased me as if i had been watching myself ...it was so strange.

Strange and powerful feelings has came out.


"It's your life


you gotta try to get it right


look around


Don't forget


where you came from"


yeah, that's right.


I'll never forget where i came from and who i am.


and it's really like WOW!!! isn't it?